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Auto-FC is a consulting firm that offers automated system consultation to robotic or automation providers, fulfillment & warehouse operations, digital transformation initiatives, and intelligience for investors of automated material handling or robotic technologies.

Auto-FC, Automation Fulfillment Consulting

Robotic & automated material handling Technology consultation


Data Analysis, best practices, goals application, A.I., and simulation


We design
the future of your AUTOMATION

How to get started

Empowering business-critical operation

AUTO-FC leverages Expertise, Data Science, Digital Agility, and mechanical knowhow to enable companies to flex with changing global requirements and exceed customer expectations.

01. Book a consultation
02. Business review
03. Business Proposal
04. Execution

Data analysis and Simulation at the core

Flexsim simulation tools can be applied to develop and aid in the design of warehouse and logistics operations. These tools are designed to replicate existing systems and processes, allowing users to experiment with different variables to optimize efficiency. By providing a virtual representation of the system, users can test out different scenarios quickly, without the costly risks associated with making changes in the physical environment.

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robotic & automated technologies consultation

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