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Leading the future of robotic automation

Auto-FC brings best in class knowledge and experience to our project and clients. Offering flexible service levels for both minor and major projects. Our teams expertise spans warehouse software, tech innovations, and process optimization, focusing on design, procurement, and vendor coordination for effective automation.



Expertise: Automation systems, warehouse operation, A.I. & machine learning

Matt Toburen

Partner Consultant
  • Head of Information (CIO) for Notions Marketing
  • Executive Vice President of Strategy and Delivery- MacGegor Partners

Expertise: Warehouse Management Software (WMS) and Warehouse Execution (WES), etc, integration

Bob Klunk

Partner Consultant
  • Senior Vice President of Operations – GEODIS
  • Cheif Operating Officer – Project Verte

Expertise: Operational turnaround and fulfillment strategy

Parth Pethani

Partner Consultant
  • Director, Industrial Robotics and Engineering for Cart
  • Solution Design Lead for Berkshire Gray

Expertise: Warehouse Automation and Robotics Application

Terry Labanics

Partner Consultant
  • Chief Executive Officer of Integrated Warehouse Solutions

Expertise: Storage and Inventory

Our partners bring our clients A full sweet of Technology expertise

robotic & automated technologies consultation

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