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New Warehouse design –  The best opportunity to improve is through a fresh start, its possible you need an additional operation or maybe you just have to move.  The business will be analyzed, goals will be shared to mold outputs. Multiple material flow and storage designs will be curated for debate and consideration and opportunities to automated will be assessed. Our expertise, guidance, and tools, will accelerate the time to implementation and improve the final result.

Develop Digital Transformation or Automation Roadmap –  Integrating automated or Industry 4.0 processes and equipment into your operation is just like building anything else, foundational pieces must be present and functioning to support the other parts of the system. Big data, IOT, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning are all buzz words people talk about nowadays and it can be ambiguous on how these revolutionary technologies can improve your business given your operation and current systems. Auto-FC will help you understand the application and benefits of these tools to your organization and ensure your solution and future operation is prepared for data and material flow.

Increase Fulfillment Capacity – Two day or less shipping is becoming a standard target for fulfillment, and everyone is trying to reduce click to ship time. This can be achieved by adding technology and dense storage and ergonomic picking methods, organization of work in process, and mechanization to save some time and travel from the staff. 

Implementation – Describe implementation results and implications of methods.  Describe customer experience after implementation. Results. Full depth of implementation experience. Low risk, On-time,

Custom Automation Projects – Add experience, network, and industrial tools to your team to design, build, sell, and implement custom automation, robotic, and mechatronic solutions in industry.

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