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Tailored Automation Solutions for the Modern Business

In today’s dynamic business environment, companies are frequently faced with a critical decision: to implement automation or to enhance existing systems, manual or automated, that may be delivering inconsistent results. Auto-FC is uniquely positioned to assist businesses in navigating their automation journey, regardless of their current stage. We offer a flexible approach, allowing for both small-scale, rapid implementations and extensive, long-term projects. With this approach, your business will see improvement in a short time and remove risk out of selecting and implementing the correct automation. We focus on the need, build process discipline, automate where it makes sense, execute.

Process improvement

Familiarity and analysis with your current tech stack and operational tools in use to to determine a most favorable process or automated solution for desired outcomes.

Data Strategy

Looking under the hood of your business to assess what data is available and what systems will enable gains now, and for the future.

Troubleshooting Existing Systems

For clients with underperforming automation, we conduct a thorough analysis, provide actionable recommendations, and facilitate enhancements to align automation with business goals.

Cradle to Grave

Our team’s proficiency encompasses warehouse software, technological application and project management, ensuring comprehensive support in automation.

Unbiased Vendor Comparison

A balanced approach in vendor engagement to avoid skewed perspectives.

Revenue Strategy

Outside of automated initatives, we’ll analyze your inventory levels, customers, and fulfillment data to asses opportunities to maximize the goals of the business and allow for informed decision making of leadership teams.

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